Transport CONSULTANCY The current economic climate is creating a business landscape unlike any we have seen before; reinforcing the need for implementing sustainable, cost effective disciplines to create maximum multi-modal compliance and delivery.
Burlington intelligent end-to-end procurement solutions provide market leading support to organisations both large and small when dealing with ground transportation.

Procurement strategies provide cost effective, enhanced performing, added value solutions creating sustainable delivery; thus avoiding value diluting, underperforming, non-compliant solutions that risk the safety of our clients and the general public at large.

White Label Solutions provide the expertise enabling clients to introduce working practises that can demonstrably reduce their transport and travel expenditure.

Disaster Recovery Proposals have been created in response to heightened security both foreign and domestic on behalf of numerous banking and financial institutions; ensuring that our clients have a coherent strategy to react to the challenges they are faced with... should the worst ever happen.

Burlington & Co. is at the forefront of the ground transportation industry having developed many leading concepts, techniques and processes we have remained focused on our core values:

  • Independence from external influence
  • No biased toward solution types
  • Continued development of ground breaking strategies
  • Securing value from effective procurement
  • Cost & risk reduction
  • Associate collaboration
  • Business and procurement intelligence

To deliver successfully, you need people, processes and products - but you also need to know where to source, implement and manage and this is where we can assist.

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